[CLOSED] Platform Engineer - Contractor - Remote
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[CLOSED] Platform Engineer - Contractor - Remote

[CLOSED] Platform Engineer - Contractor - Remote
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

We are seeking multiple platform engineers to work with us across a variety of projects with a variety of backend experience.

Applicants with experience across AWS, node.js, python, Kotlin/JVM (platform), Kotlin (Android), Kotlin Multiplatform and react native would be of interest for these roles.

Applicants must be well disciplined to work remotely on an ongoing basis and may be located anywhere in Europe.

You will be more likely to be successful in this position if experience across the following:

  • Developing applications with Java or Kotlin and Spring Boot
  • Developing applications with python
  • Developing applications with node.js
  • Developing applications with serverless and AWS
  • Packaging applications with docker
  • Writing appropriate tests at different levels (unit tests, integrations tests, etc)
  • Write, maintaining, and improving documentation
  • Automation and CI/CD pipelines

Applicants should anticipate video calls and use of remote collaboration tools during the interview process and, if successful, as part of day-to-day activities.

Rates based on experience.

Contact recruitment@inchecksoftware.com to apply or find out more