In Check Software

In Check Software provide software development services allowing companies to extend their development teams, outsource projects, and utilise expert consultancy services to achieve even the most ambitious goals.

We have already worked hard to find, recruit, train, and manage the best talent globally that your organisation can benefit from for your own internal projects.

External Project Development

In cases where system designs are specified ahead of time, it is possible to let us do the hard work to develop what is needed and hand back a complete result. We take great care to develop against a specification - including comprehensive test suites - to reach defined goals.

Additionally, we know that edge cases arise and plans can change along the way. We take an agile approach to development, working alongside internal or external development managers, scrum masters, and other stakeholders to adapt to change as it happens.

Team Augmentation

Occasionally, a business needs more developers to finish a project or keep it going while other staff are unavailable. We can supply excellently skilled and keen developers to augment your existing teams on an ad-hoc basis. Let us know the skills you are after and for how long, and we can do the rest.

Bespoke Consultancy Services

If you have other requirements not listed above, such as one-off consultation requirements, interim technical positions or otherwise, we have the ability and people to help your organisation reach the most ambitious goals.